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The Fabled Forest

The Fabled Forest
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The Fabled Forest event in AFK Arena, is one of the most difficult events that we have come across so far in the game. And it seems we are not the only ones getting more than a little stuck in it. Thankfully you don't have to get through the whole event to get the best rewards, so if you don't manage to complete the Fabled Forest within the 13 day time limit, then don't feel too bad, just getting the picker card should hopefully suffice.

The Fabled Forest
The Fabled Forest

The part that seems to be causing the most trouble in the Fabled Forest is the Skreg Battles which come toward the end of The Fabled Forest. To defeat the Skregs there are a number of different strategies you can try and it really depends on what characters and relics that you have available to you in the game as to which strategy you choose.

The key is to stop the instakill at the start of the battle, so a character such as Brutus can potentially do this for you. If you can also have a strong DPS attacker such as Shemira then you are well on your way to getting through this level, having a character that will instant cocoon such as Arden is also a key idea of this strategy. Don't forget to select the correct relics to take into battle. You'll definitely need a icrebringer and a firebringer would be good too, and if you have them the Spider Thread Gloves.

If you characters are just not strong enough, then an alternate strategy is to use a lightbringer team. You'll need a team where every member is a lightbringer, and you will receive a massive 15% bonus defense buff for every lightbringer in your team. Don't forget you'll also get your faction bonus too.

Let us know how you get on in The Fabled Forest and what strategies and teams you used to complete this event.

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