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There are loads of heroes to collect in AFK Arena, and the best ones for you will really depend on what stage you are int he game, and whether or not you have been able to unlock the best ones in the game.

There are a number of characters that we would classify as S Rank and the best in the game, our Best AFK Arena Heroes are as follows:


We love Athalia for a number of reasons, but one is her unique power called Judgement which allows you to basically manually target any of your opponent's team and hit them with massive dammage right at the start of the match. She will teleport across the field of battle directly to her opposing team member, so you can choose who exactly you want to hit from the rival team by where you place Athalia.

She is a super strong hero and is class as a melee assassin for the celestials faction. If you are lucky enough to get Athalia early in the game, power this gal up and she'll take you through level after level with ease.


Brutus our No#1 Hero in AFK Arena
Brutus our No#1 Hero in AFK Arena

This guy has to be the best tank in the game, and as soon as you are lucky enough to unlock him you should start investing some EXP in him and start to level him up for a number of reasons. He even has an insane Last Gasp hero skill which means when Brutus is hit with a killer strike, he won't die! But he will keep 1 health point and can't be hit again for the next 4 seconds! But, this ability can only be used once.


Eironn was only added to the game during patch update 1.17.01. He is a high DPS hero and part of the Wilders Faction. He comes with an interesting ability to pull enemies towards him, while that could be seen as a bit thing - depending on who he pulls! He does also have strong dodging ability which helps a lot should he pull towards him the wrong guy!

Elijah and Lailah

The Celestial twins are a formidible force in AFK Arena. The powers they have include Hope, where they fight independantly of each other while sharing the same health and energy, but with a 35% increase in health. Their Grace power will allow them to restore a chunk of their weakest allies health, depending on what level you have this power upgrade to. They are know as Support Mages in the Intelligence class.


As with our other best heroes, Ezizh is at the moment a little difficult to obtain, but if you are lucky enough to get him, you'll have one of the top heroes available in the game. Added in Patch 1.16.01, Ezizh is the first Hypogen hero added to AFK Arena.

His powers include a strong mind control ability that will inflict damage and attack power reduction as he induces his opponents to walk towards him uncontrollably. He also has a great regen ability for the whole team which will also still be in effect, although at a reduced rate, should he die on the battlefield.


This lightbringer tank works really well in defense orientated teams and especially with other lightbringers where he has the potential to get a boost from the faction bonus. His best power is his shield where he can absorb blows for the whole team. As well as being a great tank, he also has great support charactaristics too and it is quite rare for a hero to have both.

When you face Soren in the game, Lucius really stands out as a fantastic hero as his shield will also defeat Soren's mind control ability, rendering it useless!


Lyca has a fantastic suport ability which is utilised at the start of a battle. Basically she will increase the whole team's attack speed this moving them faster towards filling their ultimate ability bar quicker. She will also regenerate for her team some lost energy.

As well as this support role she also deals high damage per second so is a great attacker as well as supporter.


Added to the game during patch 1.20, Mehira ia part of the Hypogean faction. She possesses one of the strongest ultimate powers in the game which is the Mesmerise ability which will CC enemies for 4-5 seconds and also force them to attack their own allies with normal attacks too.

She can also wummon minions to fight with her at the start of a battle by sacrificing 60% of her own health. If she is dealt a fatal blow while any of her minions are still alive she won't die but one of those surviving minions will die and Mehira will gain back 25% of her energy.

All in all, she is incredibly powerful hero, and if you are lucky enough to unlock Mehira then start levelling this one up because she is one of the best heroes in the game.


Nemora is easily one of the best support hereos in AFK Arena, If you manage to get her early in the game (for example with Labyrinth tokens), then she should carry you through quite easily for a lot of the early stages. Combine her with Lucius and the will be even stronger together because of their synergies.


If you are in need of a really high damage dealer, then look no further than Shemira, not only will she dish out a ton of damage, she'll do it to the whole opposing team! Unlock her Tortured Souls and Life Leach Abilities as soon as you can and she be one of the strongest members of your team for sure and awesome against teams and bosses alike.


Another great support hero is Tasi, added in Patch 1.14.01, she is similar in many ways to Arden, only better! Overall she is great, but probably the only downside is her DPS level but she has a great CC ability that is useful is loads of battles. Unfortunately not in boss battles though as they are immune!

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