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Phantom of Horrors Eve

Phantom of Horrors Eve
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Phantom of Horrors Eve is a time limited special event for Halloween 2019 on AFK Arena. Pit your team against Demonis Nemora and her Dreaf army and see how many you can defeat within the time limit or before your team dies and get rewarded with Creepy Candy which can be exchanged for rewards for the duration of the Phantom of Horrors event.

You can't hit Evil Nemora, so don't bother trying, the aim here is to defeat as many Dreafs as you can. One interesting fact of this event is that the strength of Evil Nemora and her minions is determined by your own combat rating. So she will appear stronger for stronger players.

Evil Nemora
Evil Nemora

On offer a a load of Ascended Tier heroes and Stargazing Cards, so it's really worth trying to remember to participate in this event every day for it's whole duration.

Each day you can get two tries to defeat as many Dreaf as you can and collect Creepy Candy. When you have enough, you can then tap the exchange button and swap the creepy candy for one of the Ascended Tier Heroes or something else this is on offer.

Horror's Eve Rewards
Horror's Eve Rewards

As well as a selection of Heroes, also exchangeable for Creepy Candy are; Single Stargazing Card, Faction Scroll, Limited Edition Horrors Eve 2019 Frame, Gold Coins.

Best Team Build for Phantom of Horrors Eve

The best team you can put out against Evil Nemora in this event will really depend on who you have at your disposal and what level they are. Consider things light faction bonuses.

Put your best team to win the most Creepy Candies
Put your best team to win the most Creepy Candies

Check out this video by Smashmode who manages to get a whopping 43 Creepy Candies in a single battle. But as you can see his team is pretty awesome.

43 Creepy Candies won

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