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Peaks of Time

Peaks of Time
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Peaks of Time is unlocked once you have passed Chapter 5-4 in the main Campaign. It is a kind of puzzle mode similar to the Arcane Labyrinth but with a few more direction options and the possibility of unlockind Dura's Artifacts.

Peaks of Time is broken down into 16 (and growing) chapters, you start off at Ranhorn's Strife and basically you select a direction for your wagon, to fight enemies and collect rewards. You'll collect relics along the way that will help you complete each stage, but they are only valid for that level, they will not be in your permanent bag.

As you complete levels in the Peaks of Time you'll unlock a lot of material, and also get the chance to find the valuable Dura's Artifacts.

Peaks of Time is well worth the time investment, remember though, just like in the Arcane Labyrinth your health is screenshotted to the next level, and any one of your party that dies, will not be usable again. You can restart the levels though with your original team.

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