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Temple of Ascension

Temple of Ascension
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The process of ascension is where you can basically merge duplicate heroes so one becomes stronger. This is done at the Temple of Ascension.

Not all heroes can make an ascension, for example, all common category heroes cannot ascend. Other heroes are limited in their ability to ascend according to whether they are Ascended or Legendary Tier Heroes. You can find out by going to the Heroes tab, then checking the portraits to find out the categories of each hero; Ascended, Legendary, Common.

Once a hero has been ascended, it can't be undone.

The higher the level of rarity of a character the higher their level cap will be:

Rarity Level Cap
Common 100
Elite 100
Elite+ 120
Legendary 140
Legendary+ 160
Mythic 180
Mythic+. 200
Ascended 240*

*Ascended heroes can go up to level 410 with the Resonating Crystal

Ascension Requirements

Rare to Rare+

Rare Hero & 2 Rares of the same Hero.

Rare+ to Elite

Rare+ Hero & 2 Rare+ Heros of the same faction.

Elite to Elite+

Elite Hero & 1 Elite of the same Hero

Elite+ to Legendary

Elite+ Hero & 2 Elite+ Heros of the same faction

Legendary to Legenary+

Legendary Hero & Legendary Hero of the same Hero

Legendary+ to Mythic

Legendary+ Hero & Legendary+ Hero of the same faction

Mythic to Mythic+

Mythic Hero & Legendary+ Hero of the same faction

Mythic+ to Ascended

Mythic+ Hero & 2 Elite+ Heros of the same Hero

Ascended to +1 Star

Ascended Hero & 1 Elite+ of the same Hero.

You can get up to +5 Stars, each time you use one Elite+ Hero to gain a star level.

There's no down side to Ascending a hero, they will only have the possibility of getting stronger once they ascend.

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