Adventure Escape: Hidden Ruins

Chapter 6 - Waterfall

Chapter 6 - Waterfall
Adventure Escape: Hidden Ruins Guide


In chapter 6 of Adventure Escape Hidden Ruins you have just survived a fall over a waterfall in your raft from chapter 5. Now you must make your way on foot.

Chapter 6 - Waterfall

Tap the backpack on the ground top open it and collect from is a diving mask and a slingshot.

Use the diving mask and tap on the water to peer into it. This opens a set of puzzles where you need to align some rings to bring an object into focus. Rotate each of the 5 coloured dials until the image on each overlap correctly. The items are a shoe, a bottle, and a necklace. When you have completed this you receive Rachel’s necklace.

Chapter 6 - Waterfall

Tap behind the waterfall on the left to enter a cave behind the waterfall.

Chapter 6 - Waterfall

Tap the pile of pebbles at the bottom to collect them. Then tap at the bottom again to leave. Now follow the path on the far right of the scene which takes you to a building with a crocodile blocking your way.

Chapter 6 - Waterfall

Tap on the coconut tree on the far left to view the trees and a coconut puzzle.

Chapter 6 - Waterfall

Use the slingshot and tap the screen then select the pebbles and place them as well. You need to use the slingshot to known down the coconuts. You will get instructions on doing this.

Collect the final coconut from the ground then back up to the river bank and now follow the other path behind the people.

Chapter 6 - Waterfall

Tap on Bert the bird and then on the crane to have Bert fly in and sing to distract the crane. You can now collect the Egg.

Next tap on a small puzzle stone above the empty water fountain to find the following puzzle. Tap each block to rotate it and compete the pipes to let the water flow.



Chapter 6 - Waterfall

Pay attention to to columns that appear in the water. Remember the order of height of the ones that have risen above the water starting from the lowest on the near right.

Chapter 6 - Waterfall

On the right, below the crane there is a puddle, tap on this to collect a puddle of mud.

Go back to the cave behind the waterfall. Tap the pegs in the order that you saw them at the fountain. (Ignore the ones that were still underwater). Go from the lowest to the tallest.

Next you need to block the vents that have steam coming from them. Use the mud you have collected and tap each of the 4 vents. Once done a flower will bloom. Use the coconut on the flower to make it smell and then collect it again.

Chapter 6 - Waterfall

Return to the path o the right with the crocodile. Give the coconut to the croc who will eat it and disappear, leaving behind a tooth to collect.

We cannot get through the door so instead we go back to the river and now tap on the small stone plinth in the center of the scene..

Chapter 6 - Waterfall

You need to make three offerings based on the diagrams on the stone. An egg, a tooth and a diamond. Tap the diamond and find out the Rachel has one but she wants her necklace first, luckily we have already found it.

You will need to return to the river and give the necklace to Rachel there.

For the diamond, you need to go back a scene and talk to Rachel so she gives it to you in exchange for her necklace. You can then place all three items in the bowls in front of the stone and collect the Stone eye.

Chapter 6 - Waterfall

Return to the path on the right where the crocodile used to be and place the stone eye in the door which opens. Tap to go through and complete chapter 6. Now you can move on to chapter 7.

Chapter 6 - Waterfall

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