Adventure Escape: Hidden Ruins

Chapter 2 - The Lower Temple

Chapter 2 - The Lower Temple
Adventure Escape: Hidden Ruins Guide

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In Chapter 2 of Adventure Escape Hidden Ruins, you are playing as Tawa the assistant who has fallen into a lower temple.

Chapter 2 - The Lower Temple

Collect an unlit torch from the back of the cave area, some mushrooms from the rocks next to it and a pile of driftwood from the ground near it.

Tap to open the satchel held by the corpse and collect from it the flint rocks. Tap the book to open it and take note of the symbols and numbers on the page in the book.

Chapter 2 - The Lower Temple

Star: In the satchel after opening it.

Tap each of the 6 pillars in the water to view the symbols.

Feed the mushrooms to the mouse sleeping on the green moss so it leaves. Then use the flint rocks on the dry moss where it was to light it. Add the driftwood to make a fire and then use the it to light the torch.

We can now tap the exit at the back of the cave to move on, but we find a choice of paths in the tunnels and need to work out the correct path. If we take the wrong path we end up back where we start.



We need to combine the symbols from the stone pillar engravings and the clues from the book to figure out the order of symbols to follow.

You can return to the cave by tapping at the top of the screen.



The paper in the book lets us work out the value of some symbols. e.g the 5 has 2 symbols which are equivalent to a 3 and a 2.

Using these against the engravings we get:

Flying squirrel (dot) = 1.

Fish (arch) =2.

Lemur (coil) = 3.

Parrot => 2 + 2 = 4

Snake = 5

Boar. => 3 + 3 = 6

Follow the tunnel paths in that order to pass safely through.

You are now in a darkened room, move the lit torch around to find two touches on the wall in the room and light them.

Chapter 2 - The Lower Temple

Tap the pile of skulls on the ground to knock them over and collect the bone. Collect the animal skin hanging on the wall.

Use the animal skin on the closest pot to you to cover it in fish oil, then use this on the green (jade) item stuck ion the skull. Collect the Jade Fox Head. Next use the bone to pull a box to the left shelf close to you.

Tap the box to open it and find a puzzle. Place the fox head on the board and solve the puzzle by moving it through each of the points of the board without it crossing its own path.

Chapter 2 - The Lower Temple



Work your way around the outer ring, then move into the middle ring and go around that towards the top first, before moving to the inner ring and completing it also. You must finish in the lower point below the center.

Chapter 2 - The Lower Temple

Tap to view the scroll found in the box. It’s a clue for the combination lock puzzle to the right. Tap on the gate on the right to view the puzzle.

Chapter 2 - The Lower Temple

You need to tap the top and bottom half of each dial to change the picture to match the scroll. Once done the gate opens an you make your way to a vertical shaft.

Chapter 2 - The Lower Temple

After the scene you are faced with another puzzle to solve to help Tawa climb to the top of the shaft.

There are 2 stages to the puzzle. For each stage you move forward one step at a time which takes energy from he meter on the right. Passing mushrooms restores your energy. You can climb up the vines to move to the next level. There are also broken floors which you fall through if you pass over them twice. In some cases you need to do this to make it through. If you run out of energy you must start again.

Chapter 2 - The Lower Temple

Once you complete this puzzle you have escaped chapter 2 and now move on to chapter 3.

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