Adventure Escape: Hidden Ruins

Chapter 1 - Entering the Ruins

Chapter 1 - Entering the Ruins
Adventure Escape: Hidden Ruins Guide

Adventure Escape Hidden Ruins opens with you and your team in a jungle. The initial section acts as a tutorial on the basic mechanics of the game, collecting items and using them.

Chapter 1 - Entering the Ruins

Following the tutorial instructions, tap to collect the machete from the jeep and then and use it to cut the vines.
Pick up the star.

Collect the shovel next to the jeep and use it on the tablet sticking up out of the ground. The tablet shows 4 symbols. Now we can examine the entrance door and the wheel puzzle and solve it.
Chapter 1 - Entering the Ruins
Solution: Find the 4 symbols from the tablet, there is 1 on each disc. Rotate each disc so the symbol is in the same orientation as on the tablet. Show

Tap to enter the cave, it is dark inside.

Collect the torch from the right side of the path and then use it with the fire on the left to light it. Then use this lit torch on the bridge section to light the oil lamps.
Chapter 1 - Entering the Ruins

The bridge is a puzzle. You must tap stone to step on to cross the bridge in the right order from the left to the right hand side. If you step on the in correct stone it will collapse and you will need to start again.
Solution: Chapter 1 - Entering the RuinsShow

You are now inside a temple entrance area with a number of animal headed statues and two doorways.
Chapter 1 - Entering the Ruins

First go through the doorway on the left.
Chapter 1 - Entering the Ruins
Collect the ceremonial dagger from the wall and use it to cut the vines and collect them. Then tap the rocks on the ground to move them (2 sections) and collect two parts of a scythe from under them. Use the collected vines on the parts on the ground to combine them and collect a full scythe.

Take note of the images on the wall, these are clues for a later.

Go back to the entrance area and then go through the door on the right.
Chapter 1 - Entering the Ruins

Star: On the ground near some stone left of center.

Collect 3 pottery shards from the room (Shelf on the right, just below on the rocks on the right. on the stones on the left.) Then collect a scroll from the ground below the tree roots.

Pick a large leaf from the tree roots then use the dagger to cut the roots to reveal a sticky sap. Use the leaf on this sap to collect some.

Now tap on the broken ancient pot on the shelf on the left and add the three shards to it. You need to reassemble the pot by moving the pieces back into place. Once done use the sap to glue it then pick it up.
Chapter 1 - Entering the Ruins

As in the previous room take and note of the drawings on the wall for more clues.

Now return to the entrance area with the 4 statues. Note we also have 4 items in our inventory. To proceed we need to give an item to each of the statues.

Hint: Use the 4 wall pictures to determine which item fits which animal statue.Show
Image 1: “These people are at war.”, birds flying overhead. Hawk Head Statue needs the ceremonial dagger.
Image 2: “Looks like some people are farming.” Note the ox in this drawing. Give the scythe to the Ox Head Statue.
Image 3: “The snakes are wrapped around an urn.” Snake head status gets the ancient pot.
Image 4: “That man should watch out for those crocodiles.” This pictue has a scroll in it. Give the scroll to the Crocodile Head Statue.

Chapter 1 - Entering the Ruins
The central small dome will open and you can now collect the Key of Ages. This completes chapter 1, you can now move on to chapter 2.

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