Adventure Escape: Hidden Ruins

Adventure Escape: Hidden Ruins

Chapter 5 - The Plane
Adventure Escape: Hidden Ruins Guide

Chapter 5 - The Plane

Chapter 5 of Adventure Escape Hidden Ruins begins in the Jungle by a river. You find a crashed plane with a survivor trapped underneath.
Chapter 5 - The Plane

Use Bert the bird to take the banana from the tree. Then collect from the ground a fallen tree branch and a heavy rock.

At the back of the plane is a door with e 3 digit code to unlock. We need a 3 digit number.

Hint: note the number on the plane’s tail N481.Show
Enter the code 481Show to open the cargo door. Collect the cargo net and fishing pole from the cargo bay.

Tap to the right to see the next stretch of the river bank. Collect another banana from the tree and a large rock from the ground on the right. There are some worms underneath.
Chapter 5 - The Plane

Use the fishing pole and tap the worms that were under the rock to bait it and then. Then use the fishing rod on water to get a tasty fish. You will need to look for a sport wit bubble rising from time to time to find the tasty fish.

Return to the plane. Place the fallen tree branch on the tree stump next to the plane. Then add the cargo net to the right end. Add the two rocks to the net to lift the plane and free the guy trapped under it.
Chapter 5 - The Plane

The survivor gives you some information on where to go next. But first open his lunch box to see a banana which you need but you will need to give him the fish in exchange for it.

You can now go through the trees to the buildings in the distance, an old logging camp.
Chapter 5 - The Plane

Tap the bullhorn to collect it and then tap on the monkeys in the trees to open a puzzle. To start it place the three bananas in the basket and the bullhorn next to the basket.
Chapter 5 - The Plane

Each money is pointing at another monkey and when you blow the bullhorn the key will be passed from each monkey to the one it is pointing at. Giving a monkey a banana will change the way it is pointing, you need to place the 3 bananas to the right monkeys so that one of them is pointing to the basket and the key will travel successfully around the monkey and end up in the basket.
Solution: Chapter 5 - The Plane

The monkeys will disappear into the jungle and you can collect the key. Use the rusty key to unlock the shed on the left and go inside.
Chapter 5 - The Plane

From the desk collect an oil spray and find two fuses, one on the window sill and one under the air compressor.

Next tap to view the papers on the floor to the left with diagrams. Then tap the cabinet at the back with a 3 digit lock. The paper is a clue to the code.
Chapter 5 - The Plane

Hint: There are lines missing from the 3 diagrams, try writing down the missing lines.Show
Solution: The first is a ladder, fill in the missing middle section, the lines resemble a 4. do the same for the 2 lines missing in the second diagram, it looks like a 7, the final one has 2 circles missing in the middle.Show
Code: 478Show

Use the code above to unlock the cabinet. Take the saw blade, shears, and a third fuse.

Next look at the blackboard with the "Work Shifts" details, there are 4 missing numbers. To find them you will need to work out the pattern.
Chapter 5 - The Plane

Solution: in each line the difference of the first 2 numbers is the last one. e.g. 3 and 5 = 2, 4 and 7 = 3.
To get the code just add the first and last numbers together.

Code: 9468Show

Exit the shed and tap the small building in the back right of the area. There is a forklift and a logging machine.
Chapter 5 - The Plane

First place the saw blade on the machine. Then tap on the forklift and use the code you got from the blackboard to open the door. Next use the oil spray on the rusted toolbox to open it and and collect the screwdriver.

Now use the shears to cut the rope holding the tire swing on the right and collect both the flat tire and the rope.

Go back to the camp view and use the screwdriver on the red electrical box on the side of the shed to the left. Open it and tap to view the connections.
Chapter 5 - The Plane

Place all three fuses in the box in the missing gaps, then we must solve this puzzle. To complete this slide the metal brackets that are above and below each line of fuses to get the power to flow through each row to the bottom.
Solution: Chapter 5 - The Plane

We now have power in the camp. Go back into the shed and use the flat tire on the air tank under the window to inflate it and collect the tire.

Once final thing to collect. Return to the plane area and use the shears to cut the net free from the tree branch and collect the net.

Finally we can go back to the logging area. Use the screwdriver as a lever to turn on the cutting machine and you will receive 6 cut logs.
Chapter 5 - The Plane

Use the two ropes that you now have to tie them together into a raft. Place the inflated tire on the forklift so that it works. You will now transport the raft to the river. and float away.

That is the end of Chapter 5, on now to chapter 6.

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