Adventure Escape: Hidden Ruins

Chapter 4 - The Drone

Chapter 4 - The Drone
Adventure Escape: Hidden Ruins Guide

In Chapter 4 of Adventure Escape Hidden Ruins you have managed to find a way out of the temple but must now make your way through the ruins and retrieve the drone.
Chapter 4 - The Drone

There are several items to collect in the open area that you find yourself in. On the top left there is a vine to collect that you will need Bert the bird to get for you. And on top of the stone building in the center of the scene is a checkered piece that you also need the bird to collect.

Then you can also collect a sword from the far left, another checkered piece from the ground , and two planks from near the steps.
Tap a small rock on the lower right to move it and find a third Checkered Piece.

Using the sword, cut the vines covering the doorway and the one on the ground to collect 2 more. Then go through the arched doorway to a courtyard area.
Chapter 4 - The Drone

In this area you again need to use the sword to cut the vines on the left and at the back to collect two more (now 5 in total) and then also collect another plank and two more checkered pieces.

On the back wall is an alcove with a partial checkered board pattern in the center. Tap this to view the puzzle.
Chapter 4 - The Drone

Add all of the collected checkered pieces to the board and then complete it. The completed board needs to be a checkerboard with alternating black and white squares. Yo can tap the pieces to rotate them.
Solution: Chapter 4 - The DroneShow

Once completed the board will turn all squares black. You can tap each one though to toggle it to blue. Find a pattern to copy to complete this second puzzle.
Hint: use the pool as a template.Show
Solution: Chapter 4 - The DroneShow

The doorway will open and you can pass through.
Chapter 4 - The Drone

From behind the 2 statues on this side of the bridge collect another plank and a bird talon.

Before you can proceed you need to return to the first scene and use the bird talon on the object blocking the water chute over the well. this will release the water and let you collect a final plank.

You now have 5 vines and 5 planks. Go back to the bridge and use a plank to place it, then and use a vine on it to fix it in place.
Chapter 4 - The Drone
Continue doing this for all of the planks and vines until the bridge is complete. You can then cross the bridge.

Chapter 4 - The Drone
The building here has four symbols on the tablets hanging from it. Take a note of these and then return to the statues in the area with the pool and note that the plinths have symbols on them. Tap the plinths to change them and copy the tablet symbols. You can then take the spear.

Back over the bride you can now use the spear to reach the drone and collect the computer chips.
Chapter 4 - The Drone

Return to the initial area and tap on the tablet computer to view the chip puzzle. Place the 8 chips in the correct slots to fix it. Pieces can be tapped to rotate them.
Chapter 4 - The Drone
Hint: match up the 3 entry lines to the circuits on the board.
Solution: Chapter 4 - The DroneShow

The tablet is fixed and you can use the drone to escape from this area. Go to the pool room and use the drone. Tap on the wall on the left to make a hole to pass through.
Chapter 4 - The Drone

You have completed chapter 4 and can move on to chapter 5.

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