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Mini Games
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There are three Mini Games that you can play: Spin & Win, Scratch & Win, and Hi-Lo.

Spin and Win

In this minigame, you will just have to spin the wheel, there are no decisions to be made, no further thinking, just tap that spin sign and pray to the gods that luck will be in your favor. There are lots of big prizes, but the RNG will never be in your favor, so you won't win thousands, but there is a chance, a small chance.

Scratch and Win

You just have to scratch cards and match 3 of the same value and you will win, if you are extremely lucky.

WARNING: Just scratch three spots, do not scratch the entire card. This is a very easy mistake to commit. Committing this error will invalidate the card!


You must guess the next number, either it will be higher than the ball in question or lower. This mini-game is a pool take on the famous card game. You can win up to 250k coins, but be careful, do not be greedy, cash out if you are faced with a number in the median. Or just quit all together if you are starving for coins. It is better to play a pool game than to gamble all those coins away.

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