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Basic Rules II: Spin

Basic Rules II: Spin
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We must first take a look at the "Spin" technique, as this is the most crucial and often ignored. The game does not introduce this gameplay mechanic carefully, so better read this first.

You can just tap the cue ball on the upper right corner of your screen. Placing the contact point right on the lower part of the ball will allow the ball to spin once it hits a ball. The direction will be backwards upon hitting an object ball. The lower the contact point is, there will be more spinning. Also, the greater the power you assign, more spin will be generated.

Placing the contact point on top of the cue ball allows the cue ball to follow through once it makes contact. Same goes with the power applied, the more power, the more follow through.

Side spinning allows you to angle the cue ball into the direction you desire. You put the contact point in the right side, the cue ball will spin towards the right after hitting the middle. Same goes with the left.

Remember: The faster the travel, the the straighter the ball will bounce. The slower the travel, the more angle will the cue ball take.

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