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Premium Items

Premium Items
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Cash packs are harder to come by since there are only a few ways to earn them, like signing up to external sites like Tapjoy or buying Skype credits, among other things. All of these options are obscure and forces you to purchase things and sign up to mobile apps or websites. So it is better for you to buy "cash" in the store rather than getting them for free. Coins on the other hand are easy to get because you can always earn them by winning games or by requesting some from your friends.


Miniclip's 8 Ball Pool has the one of the most robust premium items selection for a mobile game out there. You could buy them off the store using either "cash" or "coins". The game does not encourage you to buy coins / cash in order to access the cues for sale since these cues require certain level for you to use them.

Standard Cues: Can only be bought with coins, and mostly have restrained looks. The cheapest is the "Skull Cue" at 250 coins (no level constraint) and "Black Hole Cue" at 6,000,000 (Level 52).

Premium Cues: These are more extravagant looking cues. You will never see these cues in real life because their functions are screwed in favor of their forms. The cheapest is the "Classic Cue" for 5 cash (no level requirement) and the cheapest is the "Galaxy Cue" at 750 cash (Level 26).

Country Cues: Cues with flag designs. All of them costs the same at 40 cash.

Chat Packs

You cannot directly chat your opponents with your own messages, you must buy limited amount of canned chat packs. This is a great idea to prevent griefers, immature people, and ragers from hurling racist remarks, insults, and other mean things. Costs range from 1,000 coins to 100,000 coins and 5 cash to 25 cash.

The most aggressive "taunt" you can buy is in the lines of "You have no chance!", while the most "competitive" statement you could dish is "In your face!".

Mini Games

Mini Games can be bought, though you are better off waiting for the free stuff to refresh everyday, or whenever promotions come in play. Daily Spin is worth 10 cash for 5 of them, 15 for 25 cash. Scratch and Win is the same too, 5 for 10 cash, and 15 for 25 cash.

Wait for the Deals!
Wait for the Deals!
NOTE: The Pool Cash and Pool Coins are hard to pin down in terms of pricing. There is always a promotion out there, so buying them without certain promotions like buying Top Selling packs will give you twice the amount, or additional mini games for buying the "best deals", is not a wise decision. Wait for a promotion to be active before purchasing cash and coin packs.

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