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Basic Rules: Fouls

Basic Rules: Fouls
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Basic Rules: Fouls

First we must review the basic rules in playing pool before we start battling human opponents.


Fouls will result into the offending player turning over the turn to his opponent if he commits the following:

Cue ball not hitting the designated balls, meaning, the white ball was not able to make contact with your own balls prior to hitting the opponent's designated balls. Completely missing all of the balls on the pool table will also result into a foul under this circumstance.

When the player runs out of time, well, in real life, there is no such thing, however, good luck surviving the game without your opponent getting angry with you. In this game, however, you are given only a small amount of time to decide and hit that cue ball. The time constraint also gets shorter as the session progresses.

Railing, meaning, if neither the object ball nor the cue ball touches the rail (the table's edges). This rule is specially implemented in order to prevent players in putting the cue ball out of their opponents' favorable placement by not even attempting to pocket.

8 Ball Potting--potting the cue ball and the 8 ball at the same time, potting the 8 ball when all of the other balls are not yet potted, potting any all before the 8 ball on the same attempt, and potting the 8 ball into an uncalled pocket (in times of requiring the actual pocket on the 8 ball)

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