Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival

Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival

How to get stuff for Free in Zero City
Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival Guide

How to get stuff for Free in Zero City

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Zero City Zombie Shelter survival is a collect and level up game like many. Earning the resources you need is not hard but can take time. There are lots of ways to gain extra items in the game to help you speed up this process and build a stronger squad of fighters.

There is of course the option to pay money to gain advantages, speed up activities, get extra resources and rewards or just buy more cryptocoins. In general the game offers for these are very reasonable and not over priced. So if you are happy to pay for quicker development then there are lots of good value options.

Whether you pay some money or not there are still a lot of other ways to get a little extra in the game without extra spending. Many of these involve watching adverts which if you don't mind the time taken are simple to do and will also help support the game development.

Daily Crate - In the 'Market' under the 'Treasures' section you will find a lot of options to buy reward crates and resources but there is also a daily crate that is free to open once a day and will contain one item as standard.

Ad Watchers Crate - In the same section there is also a special crate option that requires you to watch ads. Every ad watched gives you food resources and every 5 will give you a crate rewards that contains 2 or 3 items, possibly including legendary gear.
You can only watch a video every 6 hours so it's a good idea to do this whenever you can to work towards the crate.

Daily zombie crowds - These will generate randomly in cleared areas of the map. Clear as many as you can each day for reward chests.

Daily missions - The daily missions have several activities to earn rewards, crypto coins and other items. The simplest of these is to watch ad videos.

Arena - In the arena the shop currency is arena points. If you want to earn more quickly then there is the option to watch ads for free arena points.

Free food video - When you run low on food the game will often offer to supply free food top up if you watch an ad. You do not need to do this but if you want to get back in the fight and need food quickly this is a simple solution.

Achievements - Finally keep an eye on the achievements (radio tower icon on the right) and when you complete and you will get free cryptocoins.

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