Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival

Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival

How to play in the Arena
Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival Guide

How to play in the Arena

The arena in Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival is a PVP area where you can earn extra rewards once you reach Command Center Level 5.

How to play in the Arena

To play a round in the arena you need to buy in. The cost for it is either 5000 food or 1 Arena Ticket. The arena tickets can be acquired by playing the daily zombie missions. There will be up to 10 a day and if you complete all 10 them you will get a ticket as a reward. If you enter with a ticket then you will be able to claim an extra reward chest with good loot if you place in the top 3.

When you enter an arena event you will be matched up with 9 other players of a similar level. You may be lucky and have mainly lower level opponents, or you may not be so lucky.

The arena event is comprise of 5 timed stages with a small interval between each. When each stage starts you will be able to pick one of the other players to fight against. You can check each one before the battles to see their power rating and try to decide on the best match ups for you.

How to play in the Arena

A win in each round will gain you an amount of arena ranking score. The amount will depend on how highly placed your opponent is and how quickly you defeat them. If you lose you don't lose points.
You will also earn a small amount of Arena chips for each fight.

At the end of the fight your position will earn you a set amount of Arena Chips which you will be sent as a reward to the game mailbox. Arena Chips can then be spent in the Area Store to buy items and reward crates.

Regardless of how well you do it is simple to play in the arena and the chips that you earn will let you get your hands on some good loot. The cost to enter is high for food but you can easily watch a video for more food so if you have done the daily missions for the day then this will help you proceed.

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