Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival

Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival

Hints and Tips for Zero City
Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival Guide

Hints and Tips for Zero City

Below are out hints and tips for surviving well in Zero City.

Keep your dwellers happy
From time to time your dwellers will pop up a mood / face bubble above their heads. When you see these be sure to tap on those bubbles to restore their happiness. Happiness is important in the base as it affects the amount of resources you generate. You can check your current happiness meter by tapping on the Dweller icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Build and Upgrade your rooms in the Shelter
Building and upgrading is explained in the tutorial section but once you are done with that there will me bany more types of rooms to add to your base and each will need upgrading to maximise their use. Always build as many different types of rooms as you can as they unlock, but remember to focus on upgrading your Command Center room as much as possible. This will determine the maximum level of all other rooms that you can reach.

Upgrades can be sped up with crypto coins if needed but remember that once the room upgrade time is less than 10 minutes to finish, you do not require cryptocoins, it can be immediately sped up for free.

Check your Dweller’s stats
When you recruit new dwellers to your base you should check their stats and class level. Tap the Dweller to open their stats screen. Stats can be improved by training but the initial stats will give you an idea of where best to use them. You can then equip your Dweller with the right gear to increase their stats for their job in the shelter. It is especially important to equip the best weapons and armour for your fighters in your battle squad.

Keep fighting Zombies/Enemy shelters
Fighting the zombies through the campaign will earn you good rewards to provide equipment and more money for upgrades as well allowing you to find more dwellers to fill your rooms and increase your production and strength.

Make sure you have your best combat dwellers in the barracks before you start a zombie mission and keep upgrading the barracks to allow you to add fighters to your squad. You can also scout and attack enemy shelters if you want to steal resources from them.

Complete missions and achievements
Daily missions, story line missions and achievements all offer good rewards in the form of crates, resources, gear and even cryptocoins. Spend time every day that you can completing the missions and working towards achievements to make sure you have a good supply of useful items.

Remember that once you have obtained a crate from any rewards, you can open them from your warehouse (Warehouse->Select a crate->Open) which contains various rewards including resources and gear. The higher the rarity of the crate, the better the rewards.

Leave your base defended
When you log off the game at the end of your session or the day. Make sure to leave fighters in the barracks room. These will be there to defend your shelter if it is attacked when you are offline.

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