Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival

Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival

Dwellers, fighters and workers in Zero City
Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival Guide

Dwellers, fighters and workers in Zero City

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The first Dwellers in your shelter are the survivors in the zombie world. You will gain a few more as you complete the first few missions and then you gain more through breeding between the ones you have. Miraculously you can get a new grown dweller from a male / female pairing in less than a day.

The dwellers will have a star rating that determines their maximum potential. Initially this wont matter much but as you progress you will want to eventually have ans many stars as possible on each person. This is important to consider when breeding as the higher the stars of the man and woman involved the higher the chance that you will get a high starred offspring. You can add stars to a dweller by spending cryptocoins but you will also be saving these for other activities.

Each dweller will also have skills ratings. Each skill will determine their performance at the various task such as fighting, money production, food production etc. Each skill can be trained though to improve it which only takes time. But the skills of a dweller can only reach a maximum of the star potential mentioned above. Each star is worth 10 skill levels.

Initially you can only train the fighter skill in the gym. As you upgrade your shelter rooms though you will unlick the accounting office and other training rooms to improve the other skills.


Fighters are you most important dwellers that will be used regularly. You need to keep them trained up to the highest level you can. And then make sure to equip them with the best weapons, armour and other items to make them the strongest force you can.

There are 3 types of Fighters gear that you can equip, infantry, chemical and ranger. It is a good idea to specialise each fighting dweller as one of these to give them the best boost, this means selecting a weapon, armour and any other bonus items of the same type for them.

The types are:
Infantry - These are melee fighters which should have strong defensive armour, melee weapon and where possible, items that grant health and Dodge.
Chemist - These throw chemical weapons at enemies giving an Area Of Effect damage. Chemist armour that gives chemist knowledge and Chemical damage.Where possible items that give crit bonuses are recommended. But other bonuses help as well.
Ranger - There fighters use rifles and attack enemies from a distance. Find the best damage per second guns you can and equip Damage and Crit bonus items where possible.


The other dwellers in your shelter are there to work and produce resources (or more dwellers). There is also gear which increases the production of a certain resource so as you earn these items be sure to equip it to the right dwellers.

Make sure to assign the maximum dwellers to each production room to maximise your out put.

Unwanted gear can be “Break Apart” from your warehouse (Warehouse > Select a gear > Break Apart) for materials which can then be used to craft new items at the Weapons Workshop, Gear Workshop and Electronics Workshop.

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