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Crew Mastery
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Crew Mastery

If you play the main games - either PC or Xbox 360 - you will be familiar with crews and crew training. Unlike the two main games, Blitz does not yet have personalize crews - that is to say you don' get a tank commander and named crew in Blitz - but it does have Crew Training.

Crew Training consists of the following skills:

  • Firing Accuracy
  • Loading Speed
  • Aiming Speed
  • Turning Speed and Mobility
  • View Range

Each battle that you fight in a specific tank earns a very small amount of skill depending on what you did and how successful you were at it in the battle, but in addition to earned skills you can also purpose-train your crews using the Crew Training System (the button to the left of the BATTLE! button).

While training can be expensive and time-consuming, the effect that a well-trained crew has - and particularly a crew that has mastered the different skills - offers a heck of an advantage in battle!

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