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Ramming Attacks
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Ramming Attacks

Considering that your tank comes with this honking huge gun in its turret you probably never gave much thought to alternative attacks methods, but consider this: if you are sitting n a huge heavy tank and you have disabled a light tank, do you really want to waste an expensive shell to kill it?

Yeah, we didn't think so! The answer to how to finish them off just may be ramming them!

Ramming attacks are an essential part of World of Tanks gameplay - the game was actually created to include them as a casual fighting method.

Obviously the success rate of ramming will depend on the relative size and weight of the two tanks - if you are in a heavy and they are in a light tank, then your chances of delivering a fatal blow are pretty good.

Add a little speed to your attack, and target a weak section on the enemy tank, and you can do some very good damage.

One of the most common tactics of the experienced tanker is to take a shot at and disable one of the enemy tanks tracks, then simply ram them!

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