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5. Advanced Strategy
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5. Advanced Strategy

Believe it or not the Advanced Strategy in the game has nothing to do with tactics or fighting or anything else battle-related! In fact Advanced Strategies in WoT is all about you - the efforts you are making, and the path you will choose.

What we are talking about is the process of working your way through to the upper tank tiers!

When you start out you will be in a very basic older and much simpler light tank. Once you cut your teeth and have acquired basic skills it is time to start thinking about the future, and which class and tank you want to be in when the future becomes today.

XP + Research = Dream Tank
Seriously at least part of the point behind all the playing you will do is to load up on XP and research the tank line that has the cherry you want at the end of it.

The first major decision you need to make is what nationality you will work. Now obviously that depends on the tank you want to see yourself sitting in down the road - if your dream tank is the M48 Patton, then the United Sates is your choice.

if you want to battle in the IS-7 then you will be working Russia, moving from the MS1 to the T-26 and then up the line.

If the E50 Aust M is more your cup of joe than your choice is Germany, and you will move from the L.Tr to the Pz.II until you reach the VK 30 and can split off down to the .02M! After that it is solid work and research to be sure.

The good news though is that as you play - and move into better and better tanks, you will also be learning and evolving your tactics, researching and loading the best tech you can.

Once you get into the more capable tanks that are able to survive encounters better - and once you perfect the sort of tactics that help you survive, you will find that game play is a lot more fun!


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