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Tips on Dealing with Trolls

Tips on Dealing with Trolls
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My grade school teacher had a pat answer whenever one of her students would declare something unfair: “You want fair? Move to the Moon!”

Her logic? There is no air on the moon so everybody dies.

The world of World of Tanks is pretty much like any other virtual world going - it will contain a mixture of all types of players, and in any given week of play if you DON'T run into a Troll on one of your Teams you are having a pretty good week!

The questions come up all the time from new players asking how to deal with the Trolls - whether it is OK to shoot them? Push back? Scream and yell?

The following advice is drawn from long experience and a solid understanding of the new and improved Team Killer detection and Abuse detection system. We strongly recommend you follow the advice here - if you choose not to then you also must choose to accept the consequences of your actions.

Maybe the Troll started it - maybe they NEEDED killing - but the anti-abuse anti-TK system doesn't care and it doesn't give do-overs!

The Unofficial App Gamer Advice on Dealing with Trolls in WoT

Troll #1: Potty Mouth Troll
These guys just LOVE the sound of their voice, especially when it is saying bad words!

Your best reaction is to hit the ignore button - but if they cross over the line and go racial or start making threats then report them THEN ignore them.

Troll # 2: Bumper Trolls
Bumper Trolls will ease up to you and then nudge you when you are trying to aim and fire. This is really annoying for sure, but it is also really hard to prove.

Don't get mad - turn this situation into a game of your own. Move your tank back and forth so that they have to work to continue bumping and nudging. Don't even try to fire or waste money on shells - instead just make it LOOK like you are trying to fire then move again - with any luck you will nicely frustrate them and make them work a lot harder at it than they want.

This is behavior you CAN report and ticket.

Troll #3: Rammer Trolls
These are the guys in a heavy who think it is fun as heck to ram into lights. With the new abuse detection system they won't be doing this for long, that is for sure - so the smart thing for you to do is make it as easy on them as you can for them to do serious damage to you - because the more damage they do to you the faster they will get banned!

You should ALWAYS report and ticket the Rammer Trolls!

Troll #4 - Pusher Trolls
A Pusher Troll is a Teammates who will use their larger tank to push you over a cliff / out of cover / into the rocks.

Yup this happens more often than we like - and the urge is probably there to push back - but don't do that. If you do and the server detects it you could end up getting flagged as the abuser. The remedy for this situation is to try to stay away from them - and to report them and file a ticket. If that happens enough they won't be pushing anyone because they will get banned.

Troll #5: WWE Troll
The WWE Troll is a Teammate who likes to pin you against walls and other objects - they are the sort of tanker who thinks holding down a girl and forcing their kisses on her is “romance.”

There is little you can do but avoid them - and report and ticket them. The new abuse detection system is really good at detecting this sort of behavior though - but ticket it just the same.

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