What are the quests in Word Crossy?
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What are the quests in Word Crossy?

From a recent update the game has added quests to complete for in game rewards. These might be coins, letter boost credits or discount on in game boosts.

Quests are time limited and usually give you several days to complete the challenges set before disappearing or resetting.

Progression Quests

These quests offer coin and booster rewards for completing set numbers of levels within the time allowed. The rewards can be quite good but only if you are a keen player with time available. If you are able to knock out 200+ levels in a few days then you can earn a lot.
You do not need to do anything extra though so play as normal and if you hit the targets set then you will get a little bonus.

Combo Quests

Combos are achieved by finding / guessing words correctly in a sequence during regular levels. It is the combos that earn you the white flowers. If you keep your run going without making mistakes you will get a new combo each turn. When the combo quests is active you will earn coin rewards for completing a set number of each level of combo. If you are able to do well in 5-10 games you should unlock most of the combo quest rewards easily.

Recharging Quest

The final quest type is the recharging quest. This gives you extra coin rewards when you use the in game shop to purchase coins for real money. You will receive a bonus on top of any coins you decide to buy depending on the purchase amount.
This is not really a way to get free coins as it involves spending money. But if you are intending to make a purchase then doing it when this quest is active will at least give you a little extra.

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