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What is the piggy bank and how do I get the coins?

What is the piggy bank and how do I get the coins?
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The piggy bank is a new feature in the game that gives you the option to get more coins. However there is a catch. Update the piggy bank option in the game has been updated to be a little more friendly and useful.

What is the piggy bank and how do I get the coins?

The bank fills up with coins as you play through normal levels. For every white flower that you collect for combos during play you will get coins added to the piggy bank. This accumulates until you reach a cap of 50 coins.

Once you get at least half way you have the option to claim the coins in the bank for free OR you can pay to claim an increased number of coins instead. There is a time out on collecting the free coins though which is once every 30 minutes.
UPDATE: On the last update the game now has a 12 hour time out for the 50 free coins.

Claiming the free coins

To just collect the 50 free coins tap the small green button to the right of the purple bar (says 50 Free on it).

The changes

Previously the coins were only able to be claimed by a purchase so this is a definite improvement and despite the much lower level of coins to be collected you can at least now get some for free for your efforts. The time out will is there to stop frequent players making too much out of this.

Coins can be earned for free in other ways. See How to get more coins?

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