How to get more coins?
Word Crossy Guide

How to get more coins?

The only usable currency in the game are the coins that you can then use to buy hints and helpful items to reveal letters. But how do you get them?

Well the simple method is to play through the levels, with a small coin reward for completing soe although this becomes less frequent as you progress. But if you find yourself running out what are your options. You can buy then in the in game shop, but it is possible to earn plenty of coins in other ways without spending your own money.

Piggy Bank

Since a recent update the piggy bank has now become an acceptable source of coins. You can now claim up to 50 coins every 30 minutes as long as you are playing and earning those white flowers for combos that then get converted into the piggy bank coin stash. When you hit 50 go claim them and let the bank start filling again. Remember its no more than once every 30 minutes though, so don't play too fast.

Watch videos

In each level you will see a small video icon to the left which gives you the option to watch a video advert for 25 coins. This can be repeated quite frequently to build up your coins stash relatively easily for only a few minutes of your time. If you don't mind checking out some adverts its well worth doing each time you play.
You can also activate the videos by opening the shop and then closing it again. If a video is available for you to watch it will give you the option to view it and collect 25 coins.

Bonus words

Finding extra words in the jumbled letters in any puzzle that are not part of the crossword will add to your extra words progress bar. When this fills up you are rewarded with coins

Daily Gift

Every day that you open the game you will receive a daily gift. This gift varies from coins to helpful items and discounts on hints. Make sure you do this every time you play to collect your gift.

Daily Awakening

Each daily awakening puzzle will reward you with a small amount of coins depending on how well you do. Unfortunately this is just once a day but if you remember to play every day then it ads up quickly.

Puzzle bonuses

A few puzzles will have special words that when found give you a coin reward. Keep playing and earn a few as you go.


From time to time the game will have quests to play through many levels or purchase coins within a set time. Completing stages of the quest will get you bonus coins and items. This is not a great way to earn the coins as it means rushing through levels or spending money but if you are a keen player it is a small boost to take advantage of.

Rate the game

There is a one off reward of 25 coins for rating the game. A small reward but easily obtained.

Connect to facebook

If you do the facebook thing then linking your account with the game will also give you a coin reward and also lets you and your friends send each other coins. So if you have a friend who plays and is generous with their in game stash you can ask for their help.


If you are still desperate for coins and don't want to collect them using the methods above then remember to keep an eye on the shop for the regular sales and offers. This can get you extra coins or a discounted purchase price.

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