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What is the daily awakening?

What is the daily awakening?
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The daily awakening is a special puzzle that is only available to play for 1 day. Each new day has a separate puzzle and you can only play it once. You need to have reached at least level 21 to activate Daily Awakening.

In the daily awakening puzzle you can earn flowers as in normal puzzles but also a coin bonus and an additional reward of red stars. The stars that you earn then let you progress towards earning Mind Stones. (see What are the mind stones?)

When starting each daily awakening you sill see tha one of the letters in the puzzle has a red star on it. Although you can complete these puzzles as normal, if you guess the word with the red star on it you will move forward on the progress bar shown which ears you Red stars. When you guess this word the red star will then move to another spot. The more words you guess with the star in it the more progress you make and the more stars you earn at the end.

To ear the full three stars in the level you need to guess all the words in the order that the star appears in. This is not easy, especially for the first word when you have no clues to help you.
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