How to clear the items and obstacles in Wildscapes
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How to clear the items and obstacles in Wildscapes

The puzzle levels in Wildscapes have many different objectives to complete and obstacles to get in your way. In many cases the objective is to clear the a number of tiles and the various obstacle items present on the board. In case you need a reminder of how to deal with each of these and some tips to do so this page will help you with that.

Crates are an obstacle they you may need to clear as an objective but may also just be there to get in the way. Clear pieces next to crates to hit them and destroy them or use boosters t hit them. They can have multiple levels and will take 1 to 5 hits to remove.

Tickets are hidden on the board behind prices and can be of varying size to cover 2 to 16 tiles. you must clear each of the tiles that the ticket is spread across by matching or using power ups to release the ticket and collect it.

These small cuddly toys will fall down the board as you clear pieces below it. You need to drop it all the way to the bottom of the board to collect it. Vertical Soda cans or other booster combos that will clear a column at a time will make this task much easier.

Ropes will secure a piece and stop it being cleared but you can still use the piece as part of a match and each time you do a rope will be removed. Pieces can have 1 or 2 ropes on them and each needs to be removed with a match or power up before you can then remove the piece.

Mystery Bags
A mystery bag is a coloured bag with a question mark. They may contain boosters, which is good or another obstacle which is not so good. Match them with the same colour pieces to open then and find out.

Ice it like the ropes and will block the piece that is encased in the ice. Match with the piece in side to break the ice and then you can clear the piece.

Flowers and Leaves
Flowers are found on leaves on the board. The leaves are cleared by matching next to them and if a flow is present then the flower is collected. Collecting flowers is usually a level objective. You can also clear and collect with boosters. Some leaves have multiple levels and need to be hit several times to clear and collect.

Lady Bugs
Lady bugs are similar to flowers and also appear on leaves. They can move to other nearby leaves though so you will have to clear all the leaves to collect them.

Another multiple level obstacle where the donuts need to be removed by matching next to them or using boosters. the number of times depends on the levels of glazing on them.

Soap Bubbles
Soap bubble appear over pieces ans trap them. You need to make matches with the pieces to pop the bubble and remove it.

Cotton Candy
The cotton candy in the game is a growing obstacle. You can clear it from cells by matching next to it or with boosters. But if you do not clear one or more candy cells on each turn then the cotton candy will grow by 1 cell each time.

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