Moving and Storing Zoo Decorations and Habitats

Moving and Storing Zoo Decorations and Habitats
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When you unlock and earn the many habitats, decorations and other objects in the Wildscapes it is easy to just place them where the game suggests to get your small zoo up and running. But as you progress and expand your zoo size and gain more objects to place you may want to rearrange your habitats and redesign the layout for your animals and visitors.

Any enclosure, building item or decoration can be changed by tapping and holdin on it for a second until it selects and a small menu appears at the bottom of the screen. Once selected the item can be dragged on the screen toa new location, although if the base turns red when you move it then it cannot be placed in that position.

The menu will offer options to cancel the move, accept the move, rotate the item and in some cases to store the item. Buildings and decorative items, such as benches, can be stored and placed again later to help you make room for arranging. The enclosures though cannot be stored and must remain in the zoo space. You can drag them to new locations and rotate them to fit where you want though.

To retrieve any stored items just tap the small house icon in the lower left to open the item menu and locate it there.

We hope you enjoy your zoo designing and building. If you have any other questions please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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