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When is the Next Sticker Boom on Monopoly Go

Updated: Jun 16th 2024

As we move into the last couple of weeks of the current Making Music season, more Sticker Booms could be on the table. We'll bring you news of any and all Sticker Booms that we find here on this page.

When is the Next Sticker Boom on Monopoly Go
When is the Next Sticker Boom on Monopoly Go

When is the Next Sticker Boom

Update June 16th. There is a Sticker Boom starting just as Race Tycoon ends at 4 PM ET on June 16th. This boost event lasts for 10 minutes and you can activate it anytime from the start time until midnight.

Time Zone Start Time End Time Duration
Pacific Time (PT) 1 PM 9 PM 10 minutes
Eastern Time (ET) 4 PM 12 AM (June 17th) 10 minutes
British Summer Time (BST) 9 PM 5 AM (June 17th) 10 minutes

If you need some more stars to get you to a vault, feel free to ask for some stars in our Monopoly Go forum.

Events and tournaments are great ways to build your stars so you have enough to open the best vault with a Sticker Boom arrives.

I've been holding onto my vault stickers and waiting for the next Sticker Boom before trading in my stars, see our vault guide for more info.

What is Sticker Boom?

Sticker Boom is a time limited flash boost event on Monopoly Go that gives you 50% or more stickers when you open a pack.

Pack Without Sticker Boom During Sticker Boom
One Star Green Two Three
Two Star Yellow Three Five
Three Star Pink Three Five
Four Star Blue Four Six
Five Star Purple Six Nine
Wild Sticker One Sticker Boom does not effect the wild sticker, you can still only choose one card

This is super useful not only when you are collecting cards for the vault, but also sometimes you can get really lucky and pull some decent cards from basic packs.

While I don't have any specific facts of stats about changes in probability of the frequency of certain star level stickers during a Sticker Boom, I can assure you that from my own playing experience, I have pulled some Four Star cards from Green One Star Packs on more than one occasion during a Sticker Boom.

Pulling a Five Star Sticker From a Green Pack
Pulling a Five Star Sticker From a Green Pack

The screenshot above is me pulling a five star gold card from a one star green pack during a Sticker Boom event. So it's well worth knowing when these SB events are due to happen and setting yourself up so you open as many packs as you can during this event. Please bear in mind, that I don't pull great cards from every green pack, just a couple of times, and I've never pulled this kind of card from a low level pack outside of a Sticker Boom.

For details of other daily boost events, check out our All Events Explained page where we provide a daily updated list of all of the events currently ongoing and predicted for Monopoly Go on that day.

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