Storm Casters

The Better Battle Cards

The Better Battle Cards
Storm Casters Guide

While any new Battle Cards are a good thing to get, there are a good handful that are very worth having, including the following:

Blast Bomb -- 40% chance for Blast bomb to drop. (Rare Card)
Blast Bomb unlocked! The equippable Blast Bomb sends searing flames of doom in four directions.

Book of Knowledge - +4% XP earned. (Rare Card)
An ancient tome of spells! With this card active, you'll gain bonus XP as you battle!

Frost Bomb - +40% chance for Frost Bomb to drop. (Rare Card)
Frost Bomb unlocked! The equippable Frost Bomb freezes enemies in place, encased in ice!

The Better Battle Cards

Hydra - +40% chance for Hydra drop! (Common Card)
Hydra unlocked! This weapon spell sens a burst of three fireballs in a wide cone, taking out enemies in the way!

Regeneration - +40% Drop Rate for Regeneration (Common Card)
Regeneration unlocked! When this card is active, you will find extra Hearts in the Dungeon to heal yourself!

Road Runner Potion - +10% Movement Speed (Rare Card)
With this card active, you'll run like a speeding desert bird! Hmeep hmeep!

Sands of Time - +11 Seconds to Portal Time (Common Card)
Time is on your side! With this card active, you'll keep your portal open longer!

Strengthen Portal - +40% Drop Rate for Strengthen Portal. (Common Card)
Strengthen Portal unlocked! Time is on your side - picking up the Strengthen Portal spell will increase your Portal Time!

Totem of Despair - Non-boss enemies have 10% less Health. (Epic Card)
An Ancient Artifact that weakens the foes of its bearer. When held this item will lower the Health of non-boss enemies.

Winged Boots - +40% Drop Rate for Winged Boots. (Common Card)
Winged Boots unlocked! When this card is active, you'll find Winged Boots in the Dungeon to move faster! Run like the wind!

Obviously the more you can FUSE them the better....

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