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Advanced Game Play

Advanced Game Play
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Advanced Game Play
Once you have managed to build your basic knowledge of game play, you can start working on the details - or Advanced Game Play - that comes with leveraging the finer points of play.

That starts with the Battle Cards. First there is a question of just which cards you should try to get when the shuffle happens. While you should obviously set limits as to how many re-shuffles you can do, a few won't hurt, especially if they result in obtaining a better set of cards. But just what IS a better set of cards?

Obviously a trio of all Legendary cards would be the bomb! But that is not very likely to happen. A trio of Rare cards on the other hand IS likely to happen, but even if you end up with a couple of Common cards and a single Rare or Legendary that is a pretty good draw. And it should be noted that in some cases even three Common cards is adequate if they are the right Common cards.

As a general rule getting at least one Bomb card and a Weapon card is really optimal - and if you draw the Supplies card (and especially if it has been maxed out in FUSE) you are really doing well!

Advanced Game Play

Understanding the Boss Battles
The next stage in finding your expert legs is understanding the best strategy to use in Boss Battles, since those are where you most often find the Chests - and the better and rarer Chests as well!

The first point you need to consider is that the Bombs and AOE (Area of Effect) weapons that do status effects do NOT effect the boss mobs - though the explosive Bombs can depending on whether it is a true Boss Mob or one of the pre-ending mini-boss mobs of the level.

That being the case, the best way to use these AOE weapons is to set them off to damage and kill the minions that surround the Boss Mob, then focus your aim on the Boss without having to worry so much about minions.

Using In-Place Objects.
There are various in-place objects like the lava pits that you can use to lure in large swarms of minions to help manage them, and there are also Monster Poison Barrels that you can shoot to help weaken the minions.

There is a lot to be said for paying attention to what minions are present - for example when there are Bomber Skeletons present, targeting them - especially when they are among other minions - is always the way to go!

Advanced Game Play

This may sound rather odd, especially as the game is positioned as an Action-Adventure and Swords and Sorcery title, but because of the unique structure of its game play mechanics, a serious edge can be obtained by simply treating it as if it were actually a shooter.

In fact using standard shooter tactics, like using cover, spraying fire, that sort of thing, you will find that they translate very well into the Storm Caster universe.

The game is also clearly in the Grinder category, particularly in terms of the upgrade process, because there really is no way to avail yourself of all of the upgrades without also grinding Gold.

Perhaps the best way to do that is to replay the previous Dungeons since you can easily whip through them with your advanced and skilled-up character much easier than the first time you went through.


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