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Manage Your Character

Manage Your Character
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Being sure to Manage your Character is a Critical Step in Play!
The game tries to teach you everything you need to know as part of the tutorial, but some of the parts do not emphasize enough some of the truly required efforts on your part - the most important of which is to manage your character.

What we mean by that is actually very very simple. Before you venture into a new zone you get the screen that shows your character. - the Character Management Screen - basically.

On that screen you will see your Character in the center, along with its current stats, objects, and abilities. Along the bottom of the screen are icons to Get Cards, access your current Battle Card Deck, and play Quests.

Along the top of the screen on the left is your Home Button, the SHOP button, and on the right the Gold Bank and Warp Stone Bank. Unless you bought some the latter should be 0, but the Gold Bank should hold all of the Gold you succeeded in pulling out of the Dungeons!

Now this is the really important part: on the right-hand side of the center, where your Character is, you will see two boxes: Attack, and Portal.

Manage Your Character

The Attack Box shows your current Attack Strength. At a VERY MINIMUM this MUST BE at LEAST the number level of the current Dungeon you are trying to clear. So, for example, if you are now on the second Dungeon - meaning Dungeon 2 - your Attack Level needs to BE at 2.

The only way that is going to happen is if you access the Character Screen, then spend whatever the gold is required to raise the Attack Level. To go from Level 1 to Level 2 for us was 210 Gold. In order to remain competitive in the new Dungeon, that is what you have to spend!

The second button is the Portal Button. At the end of Level 1 it will read 28 sec. That means 28 Seconds. You can upgrade that by spending gold to add time to the timer. For us it was 161 Gold for +4. We spend that and the timer was increased from 28 sec to 32 sec - or +4 Seconds!

Managing your Battle Deck is one regular and frequent Task you need to be completing, but so is managing your Character! See that you do!

Helpful Hint: You can re-play Dungeons you have Cleared...
If you have cleared a Dungeon but you don't feel like you have sufficient Gold to upgrade your character in the Character Management phase, remember that you can re-play the Dungeons you have previously cleared. That is a good way to add to your Gold Bank, since your character is now more powerful and can ease through the older Dungeons quickly!


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