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Strategems in Sengoku Fubu are special items that you can gain to give you boosts and benefits while playing the game. Gaining and using these at the right time will be very important to your effectiveness in each of the conquests of Japan that you embark on.

Strategems List

During the initial tutorial you will be introduced to using a couple of the strategems, such as the Forced March which you used to speed up your attack on a castle. There are many more that you can get as listed below

Name Time Purpose
Coin Boost 1h Gain 8,000 coins instantly.
Harvest 1h Gain 8,000 provisions instantly.
Impressment 4h Gain 1,000 troops instantly.
Forced March 30 mins Cut marching time in half.
Fast Construction 1h 30 Instantly completes construction time (except Tenshukaku)
Fortification 4h Instantly completes Tenshukaku construction.
Join Defense 1h Use to deploy an army to an occupied castle.
Strategems List in Sengoku Fubu
Strategems List in Sengoku Fubu

How to get Strategems

You can receive strategems as rewards when completing quests and the conquest event but for the majority of the strategems that you will need you will be 'researching' them.

Fortunately it does not cost you anything to research the Strategems. There is a time cost for each but you will gain them instantly when researching. The time specified for each is added to a 'cool down' timer. You can keep researching until this timer exceeds 10 hours. Once it does you must wait for the timer before you can research any more.

You can exceed the 10 hours and if you plan it you can research Strategems up to just under 10 hours and then still select 1 more and raise the timer further. For example adding a Fortification stratagem that takes four hours to research when you have 9 hours already on the cool-down will raise it to 13 hours. You will need to wait some time before adding any more though.

To make the best use of this system you should always be checking to see when you can research and add more strategems to your stock so you can use them when you need to. Make sure you always have that cool down clock running so that you are maximizing your research opportunities to build up the buffs.

If you have any questions about the use of strategems please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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