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Sengoku Fubu places you as a regional lord in a historical version of Japan where the Emperor has little power. You must fight to conquer and try to become the dominant force in the land. Recruit, train and develop to build up your strength so that you can overcome the opposition.

Hints and Tips for Senegoku Fubu
Hints and Tips for Senegoku Fubu

Beginners Guide to Sengoku Fubu

The goal of Sengoku Fubu is to take over castles and increase your occupation before the in-game year reached 1615 AD. Once this year is reached the game will reset. The game progress takes place at a rate of one hour in the real world is one year in the game.

There are lots of castle to take over but there are also plenty of other players who you will have to compete with. Attacking and conquering castles will need to be mixed with protecting your already captured territory.

Join a Clan (Dipl)
You do not have to fight alone in Sengoku Fubu. It is recommended that you join forces with others in a clan (called a Dipl) which will allow you to help each other and win the game as a group. Being part of a clan will greatly increase your chances of success.

Build up your Army
Your strength when attacking castle will depend on your troops and your heroes. Heroes you will be able to recruit and wen you do you should consider the best use for them.

The troops you must train, and you should do everything you can to train as many as you can. Training is done mainly in the Tenshukaku but also the Hut buildings. Building and leveling these up is a priority to let you develop a strong force to send out and take the territory available.

Develop your castles
As you conquer castles you can then develop them by building up to 10 buildings in each to help you continue your campaign. You can chose to build: Farms produce provisions which are needed by your army to march to other castles, Huts produces troops every hour, Market produces coins which are required for building and upgrading more castle buildings.

Make Strategems
Strategems are consumables that offer a range of bonuses and benefits to you in the game. You need to make these yourself and while they do not cost you anything they do take time and the amount of them you can make is limited. Make sure you make the most of all opportunity to produce them.

There are 7 strategems available to produce in the game.
Coin Boost – gain 8,000 coins instantly.
Harvest – gain 8,000 provisions instantly.
Impressment – gives you 1,000 troops instantly.
Forced March – cuts the marching time in half.
Fast Construction – instantly completes construction time (except Tenshukaku)
Fortification – instantly completes Tenshukaku construction.
Join Defense – use to deploy an army to an occupied castle.

We hope this guide and hints is useful to you playing Sengoku Fubu. If you find yo have any questions about the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.
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I actually got addicted to playing it. I also made some friends on here too! I would give it 5 stars but it's a little overly priced and being in America you have to play at night.
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