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The heroes in Sengoku Fubu are the key to the strength of your army as you march across Japan and take and defend castles. Building your team and upgrading the heroes will determine if you can dominate the battles and eventually be able to unify Japan.

Recruiting Heroes

To recruit new heroes tap on the 'Recruit' option on the bottom menu. Here you have 2 options.

Common recruitment
Common recruitment is done with "Recruitment Tickets" Tickets can generally be acquired from daily Merit quests or from the daily rewards. Once you reach the level of Samuri General You will be able to access the Black market wher you can also pick up tickets.

Advanced recruitment
The best way to get Orange Heroes outside of getting orange hero packs.
You are able to make 1 Free advanced recruit roughly every day. When you reach Shoshi the cooldown for this is halved. (from 22 to 11 hours). You can also buy recruits with Koban (in-game Gold currency).

When recruiting you will have a choice of region to make to find different heroes. To select the region tap the 'Replace' button at the top. You can select from 4 regions: Chuu-Kyu, Kinki, Tokai and Ou-Kan-Kou. This will let you narrow down the heroes you want to claim.

Hero Combos

While ornage heroes a re geenrally the best in terms of their stats especially as the level up theere are also hero combos buffs in the game which will bife aditional battle bonuses when the rgiht set of heroes are used together. This can often mean that using the right set of heroes even at different tir levels can be beneficial.
To check the hero combos select the hero skill tab (second option on the right) in any heroes info screen and then tap on the Combo section (next to Talent). You will see any combo effects the hero has the the other heroes required to activate them.

Hero Types

The Skills that the heroes are able to apply will vary from Physical damage buffs to poison and healing as well as those that can debuff the enemy. It is a good idea to consider these and try to build your team with a range of effects. Check the skill you have in the hero info screen under the Skill tab.

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