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In Senguku Fubu your army is your key to power as you battle to occupy all the territory in Japan. Although the primary function is to move forward and conquer the next castle you will also need to have a fighting force to defend your territories and this will require a lot of troops.

Your army is lead by heroes and we have a separate guide to help you work on those here Hero Guide.

In this guide we will help you understand how to build up your troops and how to use them effectively.

Train Plenty of Troops

Whether you are attacking or defending the more troops you can field the better. And the quicker you can regain troops and top up your forces the better. Training troops is done in each of your occupies castles in 2 ways:


The main building in each castle this is always there but can be upgraded to improve its output. Every hour, the Tenshukaku produces a certain number of troops starting at 25/h which increases as you upgrade it.


In each of your castles you can build up to 10 buildings. One of the options is the 'Hut' . This building produces troops every hour but at a slow rate. You can upgrade the building as before to increase this and you can build up to 10 in each castle. Although it is important to also be building the other structure types to help you gain resources that you will also need. Part of the strategy of the game is managing your structures to make sure you can produce enough troops and resources as you need.

Once you take over any castle your first job will be to place and possibly start upgrading the buildings including huts. If possible you can also start upgrading the Tenshukaku.


A final option for gaining troops is with a Strategem called Impressment. This is something that you can research and can be very useful to you as it will immediately give you 1000 troops in your selected castle. Strategems will take time to gain though but will help out a lot when you need to quickly build your strength.

Using Troops

When troops are trained they are stationed in the same castle as reserved troops. They can then be assigned to a hero that is also in the castle to form the army that you can use to attack. following any attacks remember to top up and troops numbers under your heroes from the reserve.

When you attack a castle and occupy it you will initially have a new castle with no spare reserved troops and your previous castle will also now be lower on troops. As well as adding troops through buildings and the Impressment Strategem you have the option to move troops around from other castles that you have.

Moving up your troops will be a quick way to fortify your front lines while allowing your established castles to keep producing more troops for you. From the map you can select any castle and the Troops section. Here you can choose to Assemble or Transfer.

Assemble will let you select troops from another castle to move to this one.

Transfer will let you send local troops to another castle.

Remember that moving troops will take time as they need to march from one castle to another. You can speed up the march with the Forced March strategem.


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