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Arena (PvP) Guide

Refantasia: Charm and Conquer Guide
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Arena (PvP) Guide

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Competitive players always look for ways to challenge other players in one form of PvP or another. Sometimes, PvP is their driving force to get stronger compared to most players who just want to enjoy the story or solo progression. The game has a PvP mode called the Arena and in our Arena (PvP) Guide, we will discuss the basics about this feature.

Refantasia: Charm and Conquer is a simulation and empire-building game where players take on the role of a Lord and attempt to forge their path in a fantasy medieval world. Choose your consorts, produce heirs/heiresses, forge alliances, and manage your kingdom and lead it to prosperity.


You can access the Arena from the City screen. Here, you can appoint your most powerful follower to take on other players’ followers (alone). Only LV60 Followers or above can participate; of course, the higher the level, the better. If you have multiple LV60 followers, the game will randomly add them to a selection pool from which you have to select your participant in that duel session.

Players can challenge other players up to four times a day, with a 20-minute cooldown after each battle. These number of attempts will be refreshed daily as part of the game’s scheduled daily reset or through the use of a consumable called “Duel Token” (the item’s icon looks like a blue axe) to artificially restore these chances. The number of times Duel Tokens can be used will depend on the number of LV60 Followers (and above) that you have. For every five of them meeting this level bracket, you’ll be able to use one additional token for the day.

Arena (PvP) Guide

Duel Basics

A Follower’s overall attributes determines how much HP they have while their Talents determine their attack value. At the bottom, you’ll also see the Blast Chance and Blast Damage percentages. Blast attacks are special attacks that deal tremendous amounts of damage but with a low trigger chance. This is affected by the Follower’s Duel Skill level. Duel skill can be increased by continuously fighting in the arena or sending the follower to the Training Field (please refer to our dedicated page for that facility)

Arena (PvP) Guide

For each round, you have to select one of the three randomly chosen opponents to duel. Before starting the duel, you can also purchase buffs using Duel Badges. The buffs purchased this way will be retained for the entirety of the battle. If you don’t want to purchase any buffs because you want to save badges or if you don’t have enough, simply choose an opponent to proceed with the duel.

Players will earn +2 Duel Score whenever they defeat an opponent’s Follower and will get -1 Duel Score when their follower loses the round.

Duel Ring and Pursuing

There are three categories where you can assign Followers in the arena. Only one Follower can be assigned to these categories once per day. Additionally, Followers you assign to these roles will need to use a Duel Ring.

* Challenging other players in the arena

* Challenging against Esteemed Gladiators

* Revenging in Defense Records

Esteemed Gladiators are players that defeat over 20 followers in a single duel. They’ll be listed under this category and other players search for opponents in this dedicated list for a much better challenge.

Pursuing is basically the process of tracking a specific player and attacking them directly. For this, you’ll need to use a Pursue Order then track the specific player’s ID. If you manage to defeat the target, they’ll lose double Duel Score. Take note that you can only pursue eligible targets and players who were not offline for over a day.

That concludes our Arena (PvP) Guide in Refantasia: Charm and Conquer. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Refantasia: Charm and Conquer content!

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