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What are the icons on the menu?

What are the icons on the menu?
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 Main Menu
Main Menu

What are the icons on the main menu when you're playing? The icons here lead you to sections of the game, as well as the amount of currencies that you have. Here are the different menu items as well as what they do

Menu Icon
Your Profile section is the icon on the upper left side of the main menu, from here you’ll be able to check your character’s stats, as well as having the ability to rename your character and your horse.
Below your profile icon, you’ll find your mission list. Completing the tasks in your mission list will provide you with experience, as well as some money. You’ll be checking here from time to time in order to know the tasks that you’ll need to do in order to progress.
The Red Barn icon on the lower left side is the Market section. Here you can obtain different facilities for your farm and they’re unlocked based on the level that’s displayed on the red star icon. Here are the facilities you can construct.
The bucket icon with icons will bring you to the shop menu. The Energy, Money, and Rubies button will also bring you to this section
The trophy icon will bring you to the list of competitions that you’ll be able to participate in. In order to compete in a race, you must have the necessary energy needed.
Any ongoing promos or special deals will appear in the gift icon. This will also bring you the shop as well. The icon will only be available if there’s a promotional item not yet availed.

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