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What's a Trail Ride?

What's a Trail Ride?
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What is Trail Riding in My Horse Stories? Once you reach level 12, you should be able to repair the trail riding area. This is located to the right side of your grooming shed and you should see a blue arc with a gate on it.

Trail Riding Area
Trail Riding Area

Once you click this, you'll be provided with a list of trails that you can go through. You'll be using energy in order to go through a trail. Each trail will show you items that you can possibly find once you go through them.

Trail Riding List
Trail Riding List

When going through your trail, you'll be able to see items up ahead that you can pick up. Take note though that your bag is limited in terms of storage, so you may want to upgrade them later using rubies. You'll swipe your finger to make your horse move, then tap the items along the way to get items.

Trail Riding Items
Trail Riding Items

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