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What are money and rubies used for?
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What are money and rubies used for?

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Throughout the game, you'll be Earning Money and some Rubies. These are items that are used to progress the game. Here are the functions of each respectively:

1. Money is used to purchase items on the Market to become your Farm Facilities. It's also needed if you're going to upgrade them.
2. Money is used to buy Crops that you grow on your Greenhouse.
3. Money is used to buy clothing for your character, and Equipment for your Horse.

1. Some items such as clothes and Equipment are premium, and they can only be purchased using Rubies.
2. One horse color is available using Rubies only.
3. The main use for Rubies is to Speed up production of your farm. You can rush waiting times of construction of facilities, or speed up tasks in order to complete them.

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