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How do you participate in a race?

How do you participate in a race?
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Joining a Race

So how do you participate in a horse race? After you've learned that your Grandmother will need some money for the farm, you'll be asking Michael how to enter the race so you can earn prize money.

Heading to a Race
Heading to a Race

Press the trophy button in order to enter a race. You’ll see the County Stakes as your beginning race and the ones who’ve won as well before. Starting the race will then teach you how to control your horse.

 Race Details
Race Details


In order to play, you will have to tap and hold in order to make your horse jump over the obstacles. Timing and the length of your taps will determine the jump speed and length of your horse.

How to control Horse Jump
How to control Horse Jump

Hitting any poles will lower the stamina of your horse. If you deplete this to 0, your horse will get worn out and it won't be able to push further. Keep this in mind since you need enough stamina until you reach the finish line.

Score and Rewards

Based on your successful jumps and remaining stamina, you’ll get a score and a prize afterward. You can get Stamina, as well as Money for your prize.

Score Board and Prize List
Score Board and Prize List

Whenever your character levels up, you can get a gift as well. This can contain energy, money, or rubies. You also get to unlock new content based on your level. At level 2 you’ve unlocked some housing upgrades.

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