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Stamina Guide, how to get it and what to do when you run out

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Stamina Guide, how to get it and what to do when you run out

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The most keen players of My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero will quickly find out that the stamina in the game can run out quickly and take a long time to recover. There are a few ways in the game though to quickly gain some stamina when you need it.

How to get Stamina

Hero Supply
Shop / gift icon. => Hero supply
There will be 3 periods of time during your game day when you can claim free energy. Check when this will be available for you

Hero Stamina Supply
Hero Stamina Supply

From the main menu go to the Friends page to find your friends list. You can send out free enrgy to them each day and claim energy that they have sent you. Make sure to add friends that you meet in the game and update the list is they become inactive to get the most from this opportunity.

Visit the Dorm every day and tap on the small soda machine to grab some extra energy when you are running low.

Coins / Consumables
You can also gain energy by spending hero coins or specific consumable items that you collect in the game. Hero coins are of course valuable items and the consumables will be hard to come by so you will want to save these up and use rthem sparingly.

Stamina Buffs

The game will also give you options to buff your stamina cap and amount you can gain. This is done through earning Performance Cards that you can gain from maxing your Daily quests, although you cannot do this early in the game. Once you do earn some though you can head to the Buff Shop that is in the Mall (tap the shopping cart icon in the top right and go to the Mall => Select Buff Shop.

There are 3 items here for stamina. The first will let you increase your stamina cap so you can earn more when not playing or from collecting it as above. The second will increase the amount of stamina you can collect in the Dorm and the third will increase the number of times you can collect stamina from friends each day.

Activities to do without needing stamina

When you are stuck without stamina there are still lots of activities in the game that you can do while you wait. Not all of the below list may be accessible to you but hopefully you can find something to occupy yourself with and hopefully earn some rewards.

- Daily quests

- Hero training
Hero => Select hero => training (6 times per hero)

- Hero rating challenges
Top right menu where targets are - challenge

- Collect random objects and tasks around cities (red and yellow magnifying glass)

- Super coop battle (5 times)

- PVP Arena

- Commissions

- Completing dorm events
These will appear a couple of times per day in the form of requests over the heads of you characters, they also should be in dorms

- Dorm sweeping

- Operations in the solo section

- Agency assessment
Co-Op - 2 battles for every hero you have

- Joint operations
Co-Op - 1 time

- Emergency

- Alliance training
Check the Alliance menu

- Hero theater (small story mode)

If you have any questions for playing the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there. Plus Ultra!

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