My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero Anime RPG

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero Anime RPG

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero Anime RPG

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My Hero Academia: The strongest Hero (MHA:TSH) is a very popular Anime Series based Fighting game. It has a very in depth recruitment and training system with a huge amount of content to work through as well as PvP and endgame activities.

If you are just getting started in the game though we have a list of beginners tips to help you enjoy the game.

MHA The Stronget Hero Beginner tips

The game will start you out with an introductory story sequence, you can skip this but if you are new to the work of MHA then it is definitely worth doing to understand the main characters.

After this you will be in a tutorial section which will guide you through the first parts of the quest line. Work through the main solo quest line as quickly as you can as doing this will unlock various features and aspects of the game.

Log in Every day
As you unlock the areas you will find that there is lots to do every day and many of the activities will earn you rewards. There are Daily tasks and weekly tasks as rewards just for logging in. Tap the map top right to see current world quests lists and tap the top right notes icon to see daily and weekly targets.

Upgrade Heroes
Pay attention to the information about upgrading your heroes as you play though the tutorial. You will need to keep on top of this to make sure you can pass through the quests and missions as difficulty increases. Try to focus though only on the heroes that you want to use for your main team. Although as you unlock more activities you will need more heroes to join.

Support cards
Once you have completed a quest about support cards make sure to activate them to gain boosts for your heroes stats. Select your hero from the heroes menu and choose the Assist option and then Support Card.

Another section of the game that boosts your heroes is Gear. Remember to check the gear screen to equip new gear earned and swap in better quality items. It is also worth enhancing the gear slots to increase stats.

Check Settings
This is a large and heavy load game that can make your phone suffer if it is not high end. If you find your phone over heating or th e batter running down quickly you can adjust the visual settings to reduce the load. There ae also effects settings such as HDR that you can try out or turn off depending on how you like the look.

We hope these hints will help you get the most from your UA experience. If anything is not Plus Ultra please head to the Answers Page to ask a question of help others.
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Very fun and interactive!!! Though I do wish they would let you get more different character shards in the daily recruit. It's kinda frustrating on having to wait a week or month for there to be a special drop to get other characters and then getting the same 3 character shards on the daily recuit.
5.0 / 5.0

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