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MHA Gear Guide

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The main feature to becoming the strongest hero in MHA:TSH is recruiting the best heroes and training them up. But an equally important factor is the gear that you can equip and maximise to boost all of your characters stats at once. All of the gear items that you equip will have stat boosts and these will apply to all characters equally.

Gear is found in the Gear screen accessed from the Main UA menu. You will need to reach Level 20 to unlock all of the slots and collect gear as you progress to equip.

Sell Gear

An important question that is asked a lot is what to do with gear you no longer need. Unrequired items can be sold (Reaching agency level 20 required). Click the Market Icon at the bottom if the gear screen to sell the items for a gear currency. You can then use it to buy gear related items to use.

Gear slots

Opening the Gear menu screen will show you 7 gear slots that you can apply items to. The slots themselves can be upgraded in many ways to increase the base stats for each item you equip. The ways of doing this are listed below.

Enhance Gear

Enhancing will upgrade the slot for each gear item and provide base stats boosts that apply to any gear you equip there. To do this yo need to collect Enhancement mixture. you can get this from rewards in general throughout the game. You can also farm for it easily in the Supply area. (unlocked at agency level 20)
You can also pick it up in the Gear Market and other shops but hopefully you can earn plenty without buying it.


Boost is unlocked at level 30. You will be able to use this to add crit damage and defense stats to all gear slots. Each slot can be boosted with a star ranking up to 5 stars. Once it reaches 5 stars it can then also be overclocked. Boosting requires Alloy which can be found from shops.


Modify is yet another way to increase gear stats. It will add extra boost stats

Stat Transfer

Some gear items (at higher levels) have 'Extra stats'. Extra stats can be transferred (swapped) between 2 pieces of gear to let you swap out stat you don't want for better ones. To do this select the 2 prices of gear and then tick boxes next to the stats you want to swap over.


This feature will open in the future. It will let you fuse together high level items to create even rarer gear. For example Legendary Level 40 + gear can be fused into ultra gear and then at higher levels into golden or radiant gear.

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