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Murder in the Alps is a Hidden Object mystery game with a great storyline. You travel through the adventure looking for objects in various rooms and playing a ton of different mini games.

The game is energy based, so you are restricted by the amount of energy you use in the game and how quickly this is restored, so you really need to be careful how you use the energy that you have in the game.

Each time you tap the screen to search for something in a hidden object round, you expend some energy, so be very careful where you look.

The items listed in white, are usually relatively easy to find and should be visible on the game screen. The ones in red, are hidden somehow. If they turn from red to white, it means you have completed an action to uncover an item, and it is now visible... More or less!

You will really need to think outside of the box to find a lot of the items in the game.

Searching Tips

Try tapping mirrors, sometimes these will turn to reveal items.

You'll sometimes have to think about how an object is used, for example, in one round you will need to light the blowtorch with the lighter and then drag it to the ice in the drainpipe to reveal items.

Always remember to look in boxes, open things that look like they can be opened and use items which things that can help open other things... Such as a key in a lock, or a knife against a flour bag to reveal flour.

We don't really want to spoil your enjoyment of the game, so don't want to produce a long list of where everything is, so if people reading this, need specific help with anything, please tap in a question on our site: Murder in the Alps Answers And we'll see if we can help you out.


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