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Review by GuestNov 29th 2019
Should be banned from the internet, russian spyware.
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Review by GuestNov 25th 2019
Great game and can’t wait for next chapter
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Review by GuestNov 16th 2019
I love the atmosphere and added puzzles in this game! The one big downside is the limited amount of free energy. Even watching ads for energy has a daily cap. Otherwise, this game is amazing!
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Review by GuestNov 12th 2019
The worst game ever, full of bugs with no help or answer what so ever.
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Review by GuestNov 11th 2019
Entertaining game when you're actually playing and not having to wait hr. after hr. for your Energy to reup.

I have NO idea why anyone would spend money on this as the ONLY benefit is that you get to finish the Chapter in 2 wk instead of 3. Why be that impatient considering the higher-level chapters aren't even available yet, which is basically like stepping on the gas in your Porsche when you see its a red light.
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Review by GuestNov 9th 2019
Love it, just hard waiting for energy to renew as I play FTP
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Review by GuestOct 30th 2019
Love it! So many chapters. I’m in chapter 3!
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Review by JackettaOct 25th 2019
Good game, entertaining, lots of interesting games and storyline that keeps the interest. The new button to see earlier parts of the conversation is very useful.
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Review by JackettaOct 25th 2019
Excellent! Really like the new feature letting you recap on earlier part of conversations.
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Review by GuestOct 17th 2019
Nordcurrent laughes with there customers.
The Widow is finally out.
But not for Windows 10.
They don't need us.
I spend a lot of money in this game and so mad, i deleted it at once.
There is a lot of negative critic on there FB page, if you post about Windows 10 the will delete your post.
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Review by GuestOct 17th 2019
Its good but it shouldn't use energy to watch the comic scenes it takes far to long for your energy to build up for free I waited a whole 15 hrs or so and the bar wasn't even full yet.. lets down the game big style
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Review by GuestOct 12th 2019
Why release a game with the words coming soon on? People spend time and money on this game and have to wait months to play. Also the energy does not last long at all and costs way too much yo buy. Get your act together!
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Review by GuestOct 10th 2019
Shaming theft should be forbidden, have 8000 energy witch i bought when they announced the new chapter, wel still waiting. Asking too much questions make them block you on there page.
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Review by GuestOct 2nd 2019
Great game; best game ever.
Great graphics, great storyline !!!
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Review by GuestSep 13th 2019
Promises of “coming soon” most irritating when it doesn’t happen for months. You need to get real with your time frames. As with other commentators, energy is way too quickly depleted and very costly to buy.
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Review by GuestSep 10th 2019
The energy is short-lived. But it is a fun game.
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Review by GuestSep 3rd 2019
Terribly. It's al about making money on a story that doesn't make sense.
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Review by GuestAug 24th 2019
Should not have put out to play until all game chapters had been completed....sad
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Review by GuestAug 16th 2019
I like it but I wish the chapters come out faster
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Review by GuestAug 1st 2019
Mine too. It makes you play every single day. Love it.
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Review by GuestJun 30th 2019
This is the BEST game that I have played!
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Review by GuestJun 6th 2019
Great story but I wish the energy returned faster.
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Review by GuestMay 29th 2019
Its a nice game. Ist really wonderfull. I love it really
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Review by GuestMar 27th 2019
Love the game, hate the energy. It's to slow. 1 energy every 8 minutes and some tasks require 30 or 20 energy.
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Review by GuestFeb 22nd 2019
Best game ever in the world
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Review by GuestFeb 14th 2019
I enjoyed playing the game I just wish the chapters didnt take to long to open
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Review by GuestFeb 4th 2019
I like the game, though the energy runs out incredibly fast.
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