Murder in the Alps

Murder in the Alps

Nordcurrent Ltd
Version: 3.0 | 12+

An immersive hidden object adventure game where you follow the storyline and try to find various objects.

Your gameplay is determined by energy, you start with a heap, but each action costs you varying amounts of energy.

Free Energy

There are a number of ways to collect free energy in the game.

First of all you can connect to the game's Facebook account and like them. You can also sign up for the game's newsletter.

Also there are tons of stamps, business cards and coins to collect that give you a small bit of extra energy.

You can also get extra energy by completing achievements, these are all listed on the Achievements page from the game menu.

Another way to get free energy is to use up all of your energy, when this happens once you will be granted an extra 200 by the game. But this will only happen one time.

For anyone thinking of uninstalling the game and reinstalling it, well that won't work - you'll start the new game with the same amount of energy as you uninstalled the game with.

Energy is recovered naturally over time, one bit of energy every 8 minutes.

Getting Started

Look out for tips in the game like a sparkly cloud, this will tell you where to click to start a task.

Also, be careful of using hints, as useful as they are, they do cost energy each time you use them!

How to find items

You find items by tapping on areas of the screen, however, each tap does use up a bit of energy, so be careful with your actions.

Don't forget you can look inside boxes by tapping them, open drawers by tapping them and turn on things like torches by tapping them

Whats the Safe Code

Early in the game there is a safe whose code you need to enter in order to open it up and search through the items inside it. You can find the code by tapping the mirror and it will reveal the code you dial in at the safe. The code in my version of the game was 5391.

Good luck playing the game and hope you have as much gun as we did!
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Love it. Finally got use to waiting a long time between chapters and the slow play as energy disappears quickly and not way to get extra unless I pay for it. Great graphics and good story line
4.4 / 5.0

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