MKX Mobile delivers Mortal Kombat X action to your fingertips!

Mortal Kombat X (Mobile) is the tie-in mobile game for Mortal Kombat X for the consoles and PC. It was released on the iOS on 4/7/2015 and the Android version was released on 5/7/2015. The game features cross-platform connectivity and rewards.

MKX Mobile features the same playable roster in the console/PC version and the actual gameplay has some major differences. First, instead of one-on-one matches, each match will be a 3-on-3 tag team battle. Gone are the complex combos and button combinations as well. Players just need to tap the screen the attack, press the prompts to perform basic combos, press the power icons to execute a special attack, and tap their teammate's portrait on the left side of the screen to switch characters.

The game has three modes: Battle Mode, Faction Wars, and Timed Challenges. Battle Mode is the game's default mode where you can earn Koins (money), Experience, and Souls (Premium Currency). Faction Wars is the game's competitive PvP mode where you can pit your team against other player's teams. If you have a WBPlay account, you can sync over the rewards you earned in the mobile version to your console copy of the game. Finally, Timed Challenges is the game's equivalent to limited "events". You can earn additional rewards by logging in daily, completing bonus missions, or participating in limited Challenges or events.

If you tap the portrait of a character, you'll be able to see his/her detailed stats, including his/her passive skill on the top. Silver and Gold characters have three skills. One available by default, the next one unlocked at LV5, and the last unlocked at LV20. However, you may still need to buy the skill first before you can use it. You can further spend Koins on each skill to level them up to LV10.

Each character can also use the effect of Support Cards. You can get them as daily rewards or purchase them from the Store by spending Koins. If you have Equipment Cards, you can only equip them to your characters. You can only have one copy of an equipment. If you get another copy, the game will prompt you to fuse it. The equipment will have better stats after fusion.

In Battle Mode, you'll have to progress through Towers. Each tower has several matches. Your progress in each tower is automatically saved so you can start before the next match where you left off. As you complete more towers, you'll encounter towers with additional conditions like fixed team members, Test Your Might bonus rounds, and bosses. The towers are laid out in a linear manner so you just need to continue as you see fit. Completing a tower will give you one-time Soul and Koin rewards. You can replay previously completed towers, giving you a chance to farm more experience and Koins as needed. If you haven't completed all matches in a tower, moving on a new tower will erase your progress in the previous tower.

Each match consumes energy. Energy is restored over time and if your account levels up, all your character's energy will be fully recovered. You can also fully recharge it by spending one soul per character.

You're free to modify your team roster. Characters have three tiers: Bronze (the generic "minions"), Silver (characters from the MKX roster), and Gold. Gold characters are also from MKX's roster but with powerful X-ray attacks.

Before starting a match, you can edit team mates. Each team has three characters; you can have three teams with different character setups. When you're connected to the internet, you can also select an ally before the battle starts. Allies briefly enter combat and launch a powerful attack to give you an edge. During the battle, the your selected ally's character will perform an X-ray attack.

When using an ally, you gain Alliance Points. This can be used to buy Alliance packs. You can also gain Alliance Points whenever other players use your Champion. A Champion is your main character that represents you in the world of MKX. Other players will be able to select your champion as their ally in battle.

There are no Brutalities in the game but Fatalities can be performed by Gold Characters. You don't need to enter commands but you have to properly follow and trigger the onscreen QTE (quick-time-event) prompts.

During battle, you can pause the game and check the character effects, bonus missions, help, and options. You can switch your characters akin to a normal tag-team battle. Attacking builds up the special attack gauge in the lower left corner of the screen. Different characters have QTE prompts to maximize the damage of their special attacks. During the battle, Health and Power recharges when a character is tagged out.

The game features a good in-game shop where you can use earned Koins or Souls to purchase new characters and support cards. You can also purchase Souls, the game's premium currency using real money. So far, players who opt to play without spending anything won't be hindered by sudden difficulty spikes. They can grind and train their characters on their own pace which makes the game's micro-transactions entirely optional.

MLX Mobile features high definition graphics and excellent audio. The game's animations are smooth, the interface is not cluttered, and the overall presentation remains loyal to the MKX dark motif. The game's also free to play and its micro-transactions doesn't restrict "free" players. Another plus is that the game can be played offline without internet connection. However, some key features like Faction Wars, Shop, and the ally system will be unavailable until you establish an internet connection. The game's quite stable, with no known bugs and major problems in the application itself. So far, the game delivers the MKX experience on your hand.

As good it goes, MKX mobile isn't without flaws. First, the game itself is quite large. It's more than a gigabyte and that's quite understandable for the content and HD visuals it has. That said, the game seems to be depended on the device's resources and specs. Older and low-performance devices will have a hard time running the game at all. Even with a good portable phone or tablet, you'll also experience some lag in the animation or transition. Since the game is dependent on the device it's installed on, the game will fail to launch or even crash if the hardware can't keep up to its "greedy" system requirements.

Overall, MKX Mobile is delivers well for a tie-in game. It's a title with its own identity, even if you don't have the console/PC version of the game. However, the game's full potential is realized if you can take advantage of the cross-platform connectivity it offers. It's not the best fighting game title for the Android out there but the simplicity, the diversity, stability, and entertainment value MKX Mobile delivers is quite top notch. Some players might have problems running or installing the game because of hardware and resource issues but if you're able to get past those hurdles, MKX Mobile will live up to the expectation.

4.7 / 5.0
review by vhayste | Jun 22nd 2015

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Review by GuestDec 30th 2020
I hate the one who make this game some levels are very annoying and not a fair play it's not fun .. I will never spend one dime for this game is cheating you ....
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Review by GuestMay 21st 2019
It is a pretty decent mobile game. Once you get the hang of it, its quite hard to put down. Though I wish there was a store that listed all the characters instead of some random card purchases, which is find. But the choice to earn koins and souls to purchase whatever character the player wants would be nice too.
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Review by GuestMar 18th 2018
Great game and lots of fun actually easy to play on a ipad iphone and tablet i have tried playing on all of them and the game runs great and is easy to figure out the gameplay controls i highly recommend this game if u like fighting games or if u enjoy playing other mortal combat games!!!
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Review by GuestNov 20th 2017
The best fighting game I have ever played!
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