Team Management

Team Management

  1. To make the most of your characters' limited energy, you should have three teams of fairly leveled characters. While one is resting, you can use the other. This is quite useful during events since you can pretty much grind for much needed Koins or Ally Points to get support cards or upgrade Skills.

  2. It will be quite beneficial if you create teams that complement each other. Most Disciplines boost the stats of teammates under the same faction. Some require specific characters (Like the Cassie Cage card). Building teams with careful consideration of this factor can be quite beneficial and will give you a bit of advantage in battle.

  3. Team Management
  4. Souls is quite hard to come by especially if you're not planning on going through micro-transactions to get more. If you really want to get a specific Gold Tier character which requires Souls to purchase, then refrain from spending your souls recharging the energy of your characters or buying the Gold Pack. You can always get more through Daily Login Rewards, Bonus Missions, Events, or Towers.

  5. Team Management
  6. Use your Allies, even friends or random players to earn Ally Points. Once you have at least 500 Ally Points, buy the Alliance Pack which gives you a random card. Your allies are quite useful in battle and you'll still get something in return so this is an obvious win-win option you shouldn't miss.

  7. Team Management
  8. Set your best character as your Champion. Your champion is what players will be able to select as their ally. If your champion is used, you'll also gain Ally Points.

  9. Complete bonus missions whenever you can. These are the only way to "farm" for souls in the game can are limited only for 3 bonus missions a day.

  10. Team Management
  11. Participate in limited events like the Koin Boost event for example. Winning matches in this event doesn't give you experience but gives a huge amount of Koin in exchange.

  12. Team Management

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