Faction Wars

Faction Wars

Faction Wars

Faction Wars is the game's competitive PvP mode where you can pit your team against other player's teams. If you have a WBPlay account, you can sync over the rewards you earned in the mobile version to your console copy of the game. There are different multiplayer ladders you can try. The opponents here are formidable since you'll be facing mostly silver and gold tier characters with equipment. However, if you managed to win matches, the experience points you'll learn from each match is quite generous, compared to battle mode and limited challenges so this is a good place to level up your characters.

Faction Wars

Before starting in the Faction Wars, you have to select the faction you want to fight for. Multiplayer Leaderboards are faction-specific. Every week, a bonus reward will be given to all faction members based on faction rankings. You're free to change your faction anytime though this will have an effect to your leaderboard placement.

Faction Wars

Each day, you can contribute up to 1000 War Points to your faction by playing multiplayer matches. War Points are earned only when playing online. The more war points the faction receives, the higher it will rank.

Faction Wars

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